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Aquaculture has experienced a period of incredible growth over recent decades.

New jobs and new opportunities call for new skills and new approaches. Are you ready to ride the wave? Are you looking for a  job you love but you don’t know how to define?

Skillsforeu will identify technical and soft skills, tools and technologies from your work experience, education history, credentials and hobbies. The platform will also guide you through reskilling and upskilling pathways by matching your profile with personalized training.

Labour Market Intelligence
Mindsets, motivation, methods.
Skills in good action
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Labour Market Intelligence.

The adoption of a green and circular economy in the aquaculture sector will generate multiple benefits for the labor market. More likely, this will create a need for more upskilling and reskilling actions in order to meet new requirements dictated by the new kind of jobs.
Indeed government, industry leaders, education and training providers should absolutely prioritize their efforts to forecast every change in the demand for skills.

Mindsets, Motivation, Methods.

Reframe your abilities while addressing your skills gaps. Be the change.
The transition to an environmentally sustainable economy will affect the labor market with some jobs being at risk of survival and others changing in a drastic way. Now there is no doubt that the aquaculture sector’s labor market has the potential to grow, but we must bear in mind that it will acquire people with the right skills at the right time. Aquaculture will be affected  by an increasing automation and application of digital technologies. Therefore the workforce will need the skills to respond to these new working practices and continue to shape their skillset as progression goes on.  
Where do you see yourself in the green transition? Identifying and addressing potential skill gaps should be your priority.

Skills in good action for you and the planet.

Improve your impact, sense of safety, comfort. Get connected with your physical surroundings.Did you know that you can also make an impact and support sustainable fishing? There are steps that you can take to influence the choices that are made on the open sea.

Biomimicry contest

According to The UN Food and Agriculture Agency (FAO), aquaculture is one of the most sustainable, environmentally - friendly methods of producing food for the world’s rapidly increasing population. But as the aquaculture industry expands further in  response  to the international  demand  for  food  fish,  the emergence of sustainable aquaculture technologies assumes great importance.Sustainable aquaculture can be defined as the aquaculture practice which focuses on environmental, economic, and social sustainability to improve capacity building and utilize land effectively for the aquaculture sector. The sector is constantly looking to pioneer new sustainable aquaculture practices.

From farm to fork.

Community Heroes on board! We love real people. We’re looking for motivated and curious people from around the globe, who are passionate about sustainable solutions, creative ideas or just learn from others.

The media spotlight continues to focus on the effects of climate change and environmental degradation urging the need to take sound measures that can thwart and prevent the progression of the actual situation. Governments, organizations, companies and individuals are becoming more and more conscious and are taking actions to reach the goal of sustainability.

Community Hero

Community Heroes on board! We love real people. We’re looking for motivated and curious people from around the globe, who are passionate about sustainable solutions, creative ideas or just learn from others.

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Among this range of international policies, adopted to ensure a sustainable aquaculture, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals - 17 interlinked goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”- should be mentioned as a key policy driver for fisheries and aquaculture.